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Paint & Sip

Our paint & sip package is all about creating free-spirited artworks amongst your friends and family. We set up, style and pack down your paint & sip event in a location of your choosing.

This package pairs beautifully with our picnic packages, otherwise, it can be booked as a stand alone package.

Please note: Our Paint & Sip packages are self-guided, meaning there is no instructor. However, we supply painting prompts.

For catering options, please contact us.

Our Paint & Sip Package Includes:

- Set up and pack down service: delivery fees may apply

- Assorted cushions and rugs

- Rustic low picnic table
- Wooden easels

- Canvases

- Paint brushes

- Aprons

- Paints

- Mason jars with water to rinse brushes

- Laminated paint prompts

- Paint trays

- Candle sticks (decoration only)

- Candle holders

- Signature champagne glassware

- Signature dried flower arrangements

- Fairy lights (for picnics after sunset, upon request)


There are two options to choose from:

Option 1: $45pp Add onto your picnic package. 

If you would like to combine one of our picnic packages and paint & sip for the ultimate experience, it is an additional $30 per person. All items for a picnic as well as paint & sip is included.

Option 2: $65pp Stand alone package. 

We set up your paint & sip event in a location of your choosing. You have the option to use our low ground picnic tables or your own. All items for a paint & sip package are included

A $200 bond will be added to each booking. You will receive this bond back if no terms and conditions have been breached.

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Paint & Sip Etiquette

Treat all our staff members with respect. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not abide by this.

The candles are decoration purposes only. Additionally, no candles are to be lit on or around our items

No shoes allowed on any of our items

Please ensure no paint gets on any of our items (this is not including paint trays, paint brushes and canvases)

Please take your rubbish and left-over food + drinks with you

If you are having third party vendors attend the event, please communicate this to us (including but not limited to photographers, catering, workshops, tent hire etc)

Be mindful of the nature surrounding you. This includes:

- Not leaving food scraps or flowers behind

- Not using confetti or other small plastic decorations

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