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Picnic Package FAQ

How do I book a picnic package?

To book a picnic package, simply click on which package you want to book a request a quote! For a quick and easy process, please ensure you have filled out as much information as possible.

For general enquiries, please contact us via our homepage, or email us @

Do you require a security bond?

Yes, we require a $150 security bond. This will be added to your invoice.

The bond will be returned within 7 days if no breakages, damage or breach to ANY of our terms and conditions occur.

Do your prices include delivery and collection?

When requesting a booking, please specify your picnic location as as delivery fees may apply.

The quoted delivery fee is based on free, uninterrupted access to the event site. We cannot meet the needs of all locations. Set up cannot be further than 20 meters from an available carpark. No exceptions will be made. 

Extra charges will apply if:

  • Your hire items need to pass by stairs, escalators or steep grounds

  • You are not available to receive/ return the items at the schedules delivery/ collection time

  • Parking is not free for set up or collection

  • Delivery or collection is made outside of normal business hours (before 9am and after 5pm)

What is the duration of your picnic packages?

We deliver and set up your picnic at your chosen location and pack it up after 3 hours. If your event needs to be longer than 3 hours, please request this PRIOR the invoice being sent as this requires an additional fee.

The duration of your picnic starts from the time stated when booking, not from when you arrive. We do not extend picnics if you or your guests arrive late.

Do I need to clean the items when we are finished?

No, we offer a premium package for all our picnic packages. this includes us cleaning and packing up after your event. However, if items are unclean, damaged or soiled beyond repair, your bond will be taken and you will be required to pay the full RRP if this exceeds the bond amount.

What happens if there is bad weather?

We strongly recommend having a backup location in the event of bad weather as we do not set up our picnics in the rain or on wet/muddy ground. Please ensure you check the weather for your proposed date ahead of time. We require a minimum of 48 hours' notice for a change of location. Additional delivery and collection fees will apply if the location is further or less accessible than the original location.

We require a minimum of 7 days notice if the event date has to be changed due to bad weather.

What happens if I need to cancel?

For our full cancellation policy, please refer to our picnic package Terms and Conditions.


Can I consume alcohol at my picnic?

The Palm Picnic Co is not responsible for the hirer’s alcohol consumption. In booking a service with us, you are abiding by the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 – where you agree that it is against the law to sell alcohol to, or obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years. You are responsible to check alcohol consumption laws of any venue or public space being used and are to pay any fines related to this issue.

Can I leave my picnic unattended?

No, you must not leave picnics unattended at any time, if your event finishes early, an early collection can be arranged. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to collect at an earlier time. Please communicate this with The Palm Picnic Co. within 1 hour of original collection time. If any items are stolen whilst the picnic is unattended, your bond will not be returned and you will be required to pay the full recommended retail price of all stolen goods.

What happens if an item is damaged?

We understand the nature of events, hence, items are subject to natural wear and tear. However, any damage exceeding this will require you to pay the full RRP of all damaged items.

If any hire items are lost, damaged or stolen, you must notify The Palm Picnic Co. as soon as possible.

  • If hire items are returned unclean, you are responsible for the full cost of returning the hire items to a clean condition.

  • If any hire items are returned damaged but repairable, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs.

  • If hire items are returned damaged beyond repair, you are responsible for the full replacement cost of the items.

  • Lost or stolen items will be charged at full replacement cost.

The replacement cost will be charged at The Palm Picnic Co’s discretion.

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