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Lovers Picnic Package

$190 or $270 with food + drink


Our Lovers picnic package is perfect for any occasion that you want to celebrate with a loved one.

We offer a variety of styling add ons that can be customised to suit your event.

Arranged in a location of your choice, with customised styling of a low ground picnic table, luxury lace tepee, soft decor to fit your special event, table game of noughts and crosses, a letter board and an optional charcuterie board + drink.

  • Our (optional) charcuterie board can be altered to fit majority of dietary requirements and special requests, however, these need to be explicitly stated in writing prior to payment.

  • Please advise us of what you'd like on the letter board prior to booking.

An additional $150 bond will be required upon booking.

Our Lovers Picnic Package includes:

- Set up and pack down service: free delivery and collection is available within 10km of Seaton, 5023. Additional fees are required for locations beyond this radius.

- Luxury lace tepee

- Jute fringed placemats

- Gold cutlery wrapped in a napkin

- White and beige cushions

- Assorted throws and rugs

- Rustic low picnic table

- Signature glassware

- White plates

- Candle sticks (decoration only)

- Styled dried flower arrangements

- Various decor to match the theme

- Fairy lights (for picnics after sunset, upon request)

- Table game of noughts of crosses

- An optional charcuterie board + drink catered to your dietary requirements and preferences

- A personalised letter board

Picnic Etiquette

Treat all our staff members with respect. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not abide by this.

The candles are decoration purposes only. Additionally, no candles are to be lit on or around our items

No shoes allowed on any of our items

Please take your rubbish and left-over food + drinks with you

If you are having third party vendors attend the event, please communicate this to us (including but not limited to photographers, catering, workshops, tent hire etc)

Be mindful of the nature surrounding you. This includes:

- Not leaving food scraps or flowers behind

- Not using confetti or other small plastic decorations

Picnic Add Ons

For additional items to add onto your picnic CLICK HERE

Catering Packages

To view our our catering packages for your picnic CLICK HERE

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